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Our 5 key service offerings – Strategy, Organisation, Technology, Transformation, and Implementation – address strategic and tactical business requirements help you prepare for the road ahead as you embark on your growth journey. 

The UAE has rolled out Value Added Tax (VAT) at the beginning of 2018. Our VAT advisory services are designed to initially help you get VAT ready, and subsequently, help you with filings and tax assessments.

We have programs that cater to adults, children, and your workplace with a personalized approach that will lead you to overcome or better cope with mental health and emotional issues.

Business Consulting


As businesses evolve to compete in global markets, what looks good today can soon become outdated in a rapidly changing business environment. How and where you play is almost as important as the product, service or technology you offer.

Our business strategists develop market growth, pricing and operations strategies by providing insights to the following questions:

  • What are your core strengths – premium products, operational excellence, competitive pricing, or outstanding customer service?
  • What are your target markets?
  • How is the competitive landscape evolving and who are the key players?
  • How are you responding to changes in the competitive landscape?
  • What capabilities and resources do you require to compete effectively?
  • What sourcing options can you leverage to obtain a cost and price advantage?

Intellectual capital and culture are key to an organisation’s competitive advantage, yet people, at the heart of this competitive advantage are rarely recognised as an organisational asset.

We have strong views on how people skills, relationships, political structures and culture can be harnessed to build successful organisations. Our approach to building organisational capability is driven by the belief that ‘people’ at successful entities put the customer at the centre of everything they do.

Our organisation experts bring lessons from winning businesses to provide the following services:

  • Align organizational capabilities, skills and roles to business strategy;
  • Design a fit-for-purpose organization structure with roles, responsibilities and reporting that complement the business model;
  • Align pay to performance;
  • Develop robust governance mechanisms; and
  • Provide leadership development through Emiratisation, retention of talent, succession plans, and talent management.

As a key enabler of business, information technology has revolutionised how businesses operate and how they interact with various stakeholders. However, information technology investments can involve huge outlays, and you need assurance that the solutions are designed to meet business needs, that they will continue to be relevant in the future to deliver expected benefits.

Our technology experts straddle the business and technology domains to provide a range of solutions:

  • Align IT strategy with business ambition, develop an IT function that satisfies emerging business opportunities, and provide options for sourcing IT services;
  • Define business requirements, make the market to assist with vendor selection and assure the delivery of ERP projects for on-time project delivery;
  • Develop and implement Business Intelligence solutions to provide insights and trends for decision making across the enterprise; and
  • Implement digital transformation by defining a holistic view of the digital enterprise that addresses the key dimensions of customer experience, operational capability and business performance.

The goal of transformation is to deliver a step-change in business performance by moving a business from a current sub-optimal state to the desired target state. Our approach to business transformation is based on the premise that any part of the business that does not generate value will eventually underperform in delivering returns to its stakeholders (customers, employees, owners and others).

Our transformation experts use a range of tactical approaches to improve business performance:

  • Cost reduction techniques, where we apply insights from benchmark data and other comparatives to determine the true cost to produce goods and services;
  • Business process re-engineering, where we use value stream and process mapping techniques to uncover activities that are inefficient, redundant or waste, and to reorganise business processes with clear inputs, controls, outputs and key performance measures;
  • Enhancing the role of support functions (finance, human resources, information technology and procurement) to meet business needs effectively; and

Innovative sourcing strategies for procuring goods and services such as contract manufacturing, outsourcing and offshoring among other options.


Implementing programs of growth and transformation are often fraught with risk of cost, schedule and scope overruns. Statistics indicate that on average 1 in 6 projects would incur a cost overrun of up to 150%, or a schedule overrun that is 1.5 times the committed schedule.

Moreover, as these programs fundamentally impact the interaction between people, processes and technology, business leaders often realise that embracing change is often a key challenge.

We provide program and change management support in the following areas:

  • Assurance reviews to assess the overall health of the portfolio/ program, and to highlight areas of risk that could lead to financial loss;
  • Embedding program management support to oversee key projects for successful delivery;
  • Developing program management tools and dashboards to provide real time project management data to key decision makers; and
  • Deliver change management via change interventions to transition the organization to the desired target state.

VAT Advisory

VAT Readiness

With the introduction of VAT less than 10 months away, you need a good understanding of the implications this new tax regime will have on your business. Our approach to VAT readiness is designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution covering more than just the financial aspect of the transition.

Our experts help you get VAT ready with the following services:

  • Readiness assessments – these assessments lasting no more than 2 to 3 weeks depending on the size of the business, provide a clear view of the extent to which business processes, personnel and information technology systems will be impacted by the introduction of VAT;
  • Change management – changes to implement new business processes, the organisation and information technology systems will need to be managed carefully to build a robust VAT compliance environment. These include:

o   Activities required to register the business with the VAT registration authority;

o   Communications with suppliers of goods and services to facilitate the accurate recording of input taxes;

o   Review and revision  of existing business contracts and intercompany transactions to accommodate the impact of VAT on pricing and demands; and

o   Developing skills and capability within the finance and accounting teams to ensure that business transactions are processed to capture VAT elements accurately;

  • Configuration of information technology systems such as point-of-sale terminals, databases and ERP systems to correctly record, summarise and report VAT related transactions.
VAT Filing

Compliance with VAT regulations involves the setting up of systems and processes to capture and process the VAT impact on business transactions for sales, returns, inter-company charges, etc. You can outsource the handling of VAT filing to our in-house team of VAT professionals who will provide a comprehensive solution to help you navigate the VAT regulatory framework.

Our skilled tax experts understand every aspect of the VAT regulation to provide an end-to-end advisory service that covers:

  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns:

o   review, validate and file VAT returns with the regulatory authority;

o   maintain documentary evidence of transactions supporting each return;

o   compute VAT liability and make payments on your behalf;

o   provide the necessary accounting support to accrue VAT in the financial records; and

  • Appearing before the VAT authority for assessment of returns and obtaining clearance for each assessment cycle.

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